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We are a small Worthing-based group of Lindy Hop and Swing Dance (and music) enthusiasts.  The introduction is slow and basic for those who would like to see what Lindy Hop dance is all about. This is followed by a short practice and freestyle support session.  We find that our members prefer to keep up to date through our link with Facebook.

Go to   -  https://www.facebook.com/groups/savoyswingdance/


We also hold freestyle dance evenings, lessons, private tuition, drop-in foundation lessons, special regular workshops at weekends and social evenings, and special events.

We have been involved in Festivals and special charity events (Arundel Festival, Help for Heroes, Barney's Big Band Bash Charity event in Worthing, Worthing Christmas Extravaganza, Worthing Festival).

Savoy Swing started in 2007.

Please feel free to call 01903 366 936 to ask about Savoy Swing and how you can join.

Or you can email derek@shiningmylight.plus.com


About Derek


Derek stated Swing dancing in 1991 and as Lindy Hop dance (also known as Jitterbug) was missing from Worthing, Savoy Swing Dance was born in 2007.


He learned Lindy Hop mostly in London during the early 90's and within 9 months he was demonstrating and performing at jive classes, injecting oodles of fun and freedom.


He has been privileged to have had many of the top Lindy Hop teachers as his mentors and guides including Ryan Francois, Steve Mitchell, the late great Frankie Manning, Erin Stevens, Sing Lim, Jenny Thomas, Rob & Jenny Van Haaren, Simon Selman, Dan Guest, Rena Swanepole, Martin Ellis, Ronny Slide and Andrew Sutton.


He has been teaching and choreographing swing dance and strolls since 1996 - the main focus being FUN and 'freedom of play',  connection, developing one's own style and encouraging confidence on the social dance floor!


Derek was runner up in an International Swing competition in 1994 and won the National Ceroc competition in 2000 with his own idiocycratic style . .  'nuf said!


Derek's infectious love of the traditional dance continues to develop Swing Dance in Sussex. He emphasises lead and follow as a sound basis along with developing solid techniques and basic fundementals.  He has a knack for simplifying and explaining what helps to further the understanding of this great partner dance. 


His dream and passion is to promote and develop Swing dance in the South of England - creating an opportunity to expand our comfort zones, bringing together people form all walks of life with the same focus, sense of fun and enjoyment living in the moment!


Amanda has recently joined Savoy Swing who has boosted the strength of our teaching crew. Amanda cannot tell you exactly when she started Lindy Hop as it was quite a long time ago, and she was too busy enjoying herself!    A truely natural dancer and always has some great style tips, not to mention that the word fun is written all accross her face!


Many people have commented on the lovely family atmosphere and the amount of support and friendlyness of Savoy Swing.


We keep in touch with our Lindy friends around the South Coast and London, and support Lindy Hop when and where we can.


We regularly attend dance camps around the country ensuring that Lindy Hop remains true and genuine, whilst remaining progressive.


Did we mention we have oodles of fun? - well, we do do do!


Here is some of us demonstrating 'The Train' at a local charity event in Worthing